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About Paxona AG

We plan, design and implement high-performance transport systems for all types of goods.

We monitor the entire process of a new complete machine, managing both the timing and the physical aspects of operation.

Our machines are unsurpassed in quality, durability, safety and reliability.

Our lines are also fully compliant with biological purity requirements.

We are always happy to offer customers our expertise and experience as a service, even after the sale and commissioning of the machinery.

Planning, design and implementation of machines covering every performance level for the food and beverage industry

Implementation of complex customer requirements with optimal state-of-the-art solutions

Creation of turnkey machines including the control system

Integration of all machine components, control devices

Conversion of existing machinery, market requirements

Together with our customers, we leverage change and speed as an opportunity

In addition to standard filling lines for the beverage industry, we also implement complex custom requests.

We are flexible and always seek the optimal solutions for our customers.

In order to offer our customers the very latest technical solutions, we always keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies that the market offers.

We manage the entire project process from the first meeting with the customer right through to acceptance, ensuring the harmonious collaboration of all the companies involved.

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

We guarantee the entire process with our good name and reputation.

We provide comprehensive, networked, high-quality services for people and companies while creating outstanding customer benefits.

Our products

Paxona AG

Founded in 1969

Paxona AG is your partner for innovative transport systems and filling lines.

We offer professional consulting, handle project planning for complete systems and provide an interface function warranty.

For higher-level control systems/automation, we also provide advice and support during installation, commissioning and acceptance.

BT-Service GmbH

Founded in 2009

Our strengths are our expertise, flexibility and reliability.

‘BT-Service GmbH’ specialises in services for the machines and lines of our customers working in the beverage and packaging industry.

Our highly qualified and motivated employees are able to draw on many years of experience to meet the various requirements of our customers.

The range of services offered by ‘BT-Service GmbH’ includes installing and relocating machines and lines, as well as organising and carrying out maintenance, servicing, repair and conversion work.

‘BT-Service GmbH’ is part of the ‘BBULL TECHNOLOGY’ group of companies and works in partnership with ‘PAXONA AG’, which specialises in innovative solutions for conveyor and transport technology in filling and packaging systems.

‘BT-Service Gmb’ endeavours to meet the exacting demands of our customers and continuously strives to further improve the quality and extend the range of our services.

Bull Computer GmbH

Founded in 1986

For almost 40 years, BBULL TECHNOLOGY has been a leading global manufacturer of control technology and a developer of state-of-the-art innovations in the fields of computer-aided image processing as well as complex integration and control and recognition systems.

Our product range includes:

Process automation for the beverage, food, packaging and glass industries in the following areas: detection, rejection and distribution of bottles, cans, glass containers, crates, cartons, trays, six packs and KEGs.

Centro Kontrollsysteme GmbH

Founded in 1987

Centro Kontrollsysteme GmbH is active in the production of customer-specific image processing systems and is the global market leader for sorting and distribution systems in the beverage industry.

It handles complex integration tasks in the logistics sector and the field of image processing.

STRATEC Control-Systems GmbH

Founded in 1979

Stratec is a manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the beverage and packaging industry with more than 6,800 systems in use worldwide.

The company specialises in electronic measuring and control systems and has a global sales and service network.

Stratec is DIN ISO 9001-certified.