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We stand for quality, responsibility and sustainability

Paxona AG is focussed on the needs of its customers.

Their requirements motivate us to constantly improve our products and services.

Systems are developed with a view to achieving maximum customer benefit, and we guarantee the highest possible utility, efficiency and productivity.

For us, quality also means building trust.

It means being a partner that offers comprehensive service – from reliable delivery of goods through to expert advice – and one that is quickly on the spot in case of problems and able to offer solutions.

We not only develop a product together, but establish a long-term, productive business relationship.

For us, fostering an open exchange with our customers is absolutely essential.

In order to achieve this goal, we select our employees carefully and offer them a satisfying career in an interesting environment through targeted training and appropriate deployment.

Our employees are characterised by a high degree of personal responsibility and independence.

System sustainability is a broad concept, but acting responsibly is very important to us, just as it is for many people.

It’s not merely about environmental sustainability, but also a question of considering the long-term prospect and the impact of one’s own actions.

To us, fairness, reliability, openness and a high level of commitment are the prerequisites for achieving targets and results.

We make it a priority to maintain the valuable relationships with our customers, employees, business partners and the people in our communities.

Working closely with others in this way is the key to being an absolutely reliable partner in everything we do.

If you want to align your systems and your products with your sustainability goals and values, we would be delighted to share our experience with you.